Element Professional Perm Waving  Lotion N 1000 ml

Element Professional Perm Waving Lotion N 1000 ml

Neutralizer lotion. Thanks to its hyrolyzed rice protein formula it gives great results with the maximum respect for the hair. It has a deep and selective action perfect for the hair’s needs. It combines repairing action with perfect and solid neutralization. Leaves hair soft, shiny and healthy, increasing body and volume. It can be used with every hair type.


Use:After rinsing the perm lotion thoroughly from the hair, dry the hair curlers with a towel. Apply the Neutralizer N to the hair curlers with the help of a sponge and wait for 5 minutes. Take off the hair curlers gently and massage the hair. Rinse with plenty of water. Proceed with a protective shampoo and conditioner in order to complete the process.


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